We get asked these questions a lot.
And the answer is always YES.

Do you work with companies outside the music industry?

Do you work across all genres of music?

Do you work with large labels?

Do you work with small labels?

Do you work with management companies?

Do you work with independent artists?

Can you help our brand connect to the music industry?

Can you help grow my social media?

Can you design a bespoke campaign for my release?

Can you manage all of my social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter?

Can you help create assets for social media?

Can you help me with digital advertising? on sites like Facebook?

Do you do PR for all genres of music?

Can you keep an eye on my online reviews?

Will I be able to measure the success of my campaign?

Can you help me create a website?

Can you update my current website?

Can you provide copy for my website?

Can you use wordpress?

Can you set up my blog?

Do you have in-house developers?

Do you design and send email newsletters?

Can you do billboard design?

Can you do print design?

Do you design logos?

Can you help me develop my brand?

Can you design and launch a campaign for my brand?

Can you provide photography?

Can you do video production?

Do you make commercials and music videos?

Can you edit my video?

Do you provide coffee and treats during meetings?

Can I call you to talk things through?


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